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The mission of The LEGACY Foundation of SC is to enhance the educational
experience of students in the Jasper County School system by introducing them to
learning opportunities beyond the district’s standard curriculum.



  • The vision of The Legacy Foundation of SC is to improve the lives of students
    and entire family unit by identifying disparities and needs then attempt to break
    those barriers and contribute to the long-term success of families and students
    district-wide through our educational programs, community initiatives, and


Our Approach:

  •  We actively work with the State, Public, and Private sectors to supplement district-wide academic programs and cultural activities.

  • We lead with faith-based ideas to inspire creativity through advanced education that will propel our students to higher, more competitive, and profitable positions in life.

  • We believe, with the help of the community and unconditional love, our Jasper County students will one day say with fervor - “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”.



Our Why:
Jasper County’s youth have lost hope for too long, had their dreams deferred, and/or
had their lives cut short due to violence and misfortune. The community is ready to
change the narrative by fueling their imaginations and inspiring their young minds. We
will be the change we want to see by collectively creating well-nurtured pathways to
aspirational futures.

Guiding principle & declaration:
If we can change their conversations by offering new experiences, we create an
opportunity to dream, thus changing their life’s trajectory.

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