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TLFoSC Provides Virtual Tutoring Through LowCountry Community Covid-19 Response Fund from CFL.

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The Legacy Foundation of South Carolina (TLFoSC) is mindful of the additional resources needed to assist students with reaching their education goals. TLFoSC was recently awarded funding by The Community Foundation of the Lowcountry through the Lowcountry Community Covid-19 Response Fund. This grant will enable TLFofSC to assist students, 3rd through 6th grade, by means of a Virtual Tutoring Program for eight weeks.

The Legacy Foundation of SC, in partnership with the Jasper County School District, will provide individual and small group virtual tutoring. The process will consist of hiring professional tutors to utilize a virtual platform to assist students. Students who are currently using laptops/computers can easily log on for virtual tutoring sessions.

The current COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a major twist in the educational process. Altered school schedules and traditional school closings have added more stress to structured learning. For some Jasper County students, and particularly low-income and other marginalized students, the Legacy Foundation of SC Virtual Tutoring Program will serve as an additional resource hub for students.

Educational initiatives of the Jasper County School System are being challenged and these combined components are resulting in some students struggling to maintain educational expectations.

The US Department of Education shows that individual and small group tutoring is very beneficial for students. Tutoring can also increase self-confidence about reading, improve math and reasoning skills, and positive effects on behavior.

TLFoSC is a nonprofit organization 501(c)3, well-known in Jasper County, for providing additional resources for students and families.

By way of social media, TLFoSC continually shares helpful information for residents in need of local services, pertaining to healthcare, local and state government updates, local food services, mental health resources, and any financial allowances in place by our local service providers.

In a separate initiative, TLFoSC is exploring a partnership with local service providers to offer high-speed internet/broadband “hotspot” locations for students who may be experiencing access or connectivity issues.

Applications for certified tutors will be shared shortly.

All funds awarded through this grant will directly benefit this Virtual Tutoring Program and will pay contract tutors. No funds will be used in the operations budget of The Legacy Foundation of SC.

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